According to a 2012 National Literacy Trust Survey, as many as 1 in 6 adults finds reading a struggle.
Having been involved with books and reading all my adult life, as a publisher, journalist, a reviewer and most recently as a novelist, I find that a shocking statistic. I’ve always loved reading and continue to believe in books and the transformative power of reading at any and every level. Reading can widen your horizons without your even having to leave home. It’s a pleasure that that should be open to everyone at any age or stage of their lives. The fact that Quick Reads aims to make that possible is a wonderful thing.
Quick Reads is a charity that has been formed with a view to breaking down the barrier to reading. Every year they publish six short books that have been specially written to engage and encourage those who find reading difficult, for whatever reason.
In 2015, a new set of books will be published. I’m very proud to be one of the authors and extremely honoured to be in the company of Man Booker prize-winning novelist Roddy Doyle, author of The Commitments, bestselling novelists Jojo Moyes, Sophie Hannah and Adele Geras. What’s more there’s even a specially shortened version of the extraordinary a moving story of Street Cat Bob – the only cat I’ve ever seen do a high five!
I hope our books will provide plenty of enjoyment to readers as well as being another step on the way to reducing the statistic I quoted at the start. Oh, and they’re only £1 each!