Today, April 15th, marks the start of a fantastic new MENTORING SCHEME FOR WOMEN WRITERS that I’m thrilled to be part of.

The WoMentoring Project aims to introduce successful literary women to other women writers at the beginning of their careers who would benefit from some insight, knowledge and support. The hope is that we’ll see new, talented and diverse female voices emerging as a result of time and guidance received from the mentors. I’m one of those mentors who are offering free advice to up and coming female writers who would otherwise find it difficult to access similar opportunities.

Why do we need it?

Like many great ideas the WoMentoring Project came about via a conversation on Twitter. While discussing the current lack of peer mentoring and the prohibitive expense for many of professional mentoring various writers, editors and agents were asked who would be willing to donate a few hours of their time to another woman just starting out. The response was overwhelming – within two hours over sixty volunteer mentors (including me!) had signed up.

The WoMentoring Project is run on an entirely voluntary basis and all the mentors are professional writers, editors or literary agents.

This is how it works

In an ideal world we would offer a mentor to every writer who needed and wanted one. Of course this isn’t possible so instead we’ve tried to ensure the application process is accessible while also ensuring that out mentors have enough information with which to make their selection.

Applicant mentees will submit a 1000 word writing sample and a 500 word statement about how they would benefit from free mentoring. All applications will be for a specific mentor and mentees can only apply for one mentor at a time. Selections will be at the mentor’s discretion.  
Interested? Then go straight to the website, check out the mentors, see who you think might be most helpful to you and apply.