What Women Want


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‘Smart, funny, and uncannily like having your mind read.’ Rosie Thomas

Bea’s contending with a new boss, power-hungry colleagues and a stroppy teenage son, not to mention the anxieties of returning to the dating game. Stressed-out Kate is coping with an empty nest and the growing realisation that her marriage has lost its shine.

Finally, Ellen, who has devoted herself to her children and her art gallery following her husband’s death, is falling head over heels in love with Oliver.

They have always known they can depend on each other, no matter what. But with Oliver in their midst, will their friendship survive?

‘What Women Want is like having a long, funny and fascinating conversation with your very best friends and becoming deeply involved in their lives, families and love affairs.’ PENNY VINCENZI

‘Fanny Blake is a wonder. Put on the tea, ring up the girls, and have a party. Here’s a novel to savour and share with your girlfriends, sisters and mothers. Fanny writes with hilarity, warmth, and truth about how to navigate the tricky waters of womanhood. I loved it. ADRIANA TRIGIANI

‘A novel of female friendships, changed expectations, and shifting priorities. Readers who enjoy the works of Erica Bauermeister and Liane Moriarty will relate to this witty and realistic portrayal of modern female friendship.’ BOOKLIST

‘Women take heart. Here is a novelist who understands exactly the comedy, absurdities and frustrations of your lives. A delicious read.’ ELIZABETH BUCHAN

‘A thoughtful, funny and warm read, full of wry and well-observed detail.’ DAILY MAIL

‘It’s amazing to think that this is a debut. The prose is wonderfully bright and crisp, the characterisation brims with life, and the plotting is full of suspense and pace.’ DAILY MIRROR

‘[A] warm, funny read.’ MARIE CLAIRE

‘Full of insight with a sharp wit, this is about real women in realistic situations, entertaining and thought provoking. Kept me reading far too late.’ KATIE FFORDE

‘Wise, warm, funny and wonderfully observant.’ CATHY KELLY

‘Smart, funny, and uncannily like having your mind read.’ ROSIE THOMAS

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UK Publisher: Blue Door Books 2011

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US Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books 2011